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Sacrifice is the extraordinary story of China’s greatest Emperor who, after 30 years of illustrious rule, steals the beautiful wife of his son. 

The Emperor, the Lady and the Prince play out their dramatic love triangle against the background of a violent rebellion.  

As the prosperous Tang dynasty is pushed to the brink of destruction, the Prince races against all the odds to save the Empire and rescue the woman he loves.  

This is China's greatest love story - and ultimate Sacrifice.

中国历史上最伟大的皇帝与最美的女人遭遇史上最大恶人共同构成了中国历史上最伟大的爱情故事。这是一个极具吸引力有关爱与牺牲的故事,是一个关系到国家前途和个人命运的故事,其中充满了情欲,贪婪与背叛。它呈现给观众的是一种承受着爱与恨的煎熬,但却永不放弃的人类精神。这个真实的故事起源与公元8世纪,唐玄宗和他最宠爱的妃子杨贵妃,他们在面对逆境中所表现出来的勇气,以及为之而献身的最伟大精神-他们之间的爱表现了中国的美的一面。它把人们对权利和金钱无止境的贪婪,把安祿山的雄心和贪婪,把杨国宗的妒忌和背叛,以及那种深陷于情爱中无法自拔给国家何个人命运所造成的危险都清晰的表现在世人面前。终的结局很简单:真爱往往意味着牺牲。那位最伟大的皇帝面对着一生中最艰难的决定--爱美人,还是爱江山? 就如同罗密欧与朱丽叶,安东尼与克利奥帕特拉一样。他们把中国最伟大的爱情故事呈现在全世界面前。杨贵妃故事是属于全世界的,这是一个关于梦想与现实的故事,最终体现了人类永不放弃的精神。这个悲惨却令人鼓舞的结局为中国的将来播下了希望的种子。不管是唐玄宗或杨贵妃最终都无法抗拒他们的命运 -- 牺牲。,是的,他们接受了不可避免的命运的选择,杨贵妃带着她对皇帝的爱有尊严的死去;唐玄宗则为了保住江山牺牲了他的最爱。这种结局在某种程度上也是中国儒家思想的最真实体现。最后,这是一个让人思索并和我们每一个人的命运都息息相关的故事。<<牺牲>>将被搬上电影银幕和百老汇舞台.
gui fei yang 杨贵妃
The Sacrifice of Yang GuiFeiis the story of Emperor Xuanzong (of the prosperous Tang dynasty 618-907 AD) who brings 杨贵妃 Yang GuiFei, one of China’s most beautiful women, into his court as a concubine When they adopt China’s greatest villain, the barbarian An Lushan, their fateful triumvirate creates China’s greatest love story. Producer Toby Simkin optioned the worldwide rights almost immediately after hearing the score in early 2008 “it’s a powerful, sometimes shocking story, filled with a roller coaster of emotions from brutality to sweet and innocent love, building to a climax with The Emperor’s agonizing decision: save the woman he loves, or sacrifice her to save his dynasty – Richard Daniel’s remarkable score carries the audience through this cavalcade with a fabulous mix of Chinese and Western instruments.” 一个全新电影制作项目即将到来,由屡获大奖的英国团队创作并得到中方支持。电影牺牲》,讲述的是中国历史上最伟大的皇帝遇上中国古代四大美女之,并遭遇中国最大恶人之间的故事。 所有这一切构成了中国历史上最伟大的爱情故事 <<牺牲>>. The true story of Yang Gui Fei 杨贵妃, one of the Four Ancient Beauties of China, is famous for her role in the demise of the Tang dynasty. TOBY SIMKIN (Producer) is a theatrical producer who has over 25 years of 1st-class producing or managing experience of entertainment projects with over 120 Broadway/West End shows and tours from Annie to Victor/Victoria in the USA, Canada, UK, Russia, Australia, China and oceans between. From many Tony Award winning productions on Broadway to Olivier Award winning productions on London’s West, Mr. Simkin is a leader in the field of theatrical producing, management and marketing. Mr. Simkin is additionally credited with leading the theatre industry into cyberspace in the early 90's. Mr. Simkin maintains a residence in Shanghai, developing new opportunities for global entertainment where he owns a Chinese corporation - Shen Tu Bin Business Consulting (Shanghai) Co. Ltd..